The music of atmospheric ambienteers All India Radio aka Australian musician Martin Kennedy has featured in CSI: Miami, One Tree Hill, The Lying Game, Emmerdale, Australia's hit Bondi Rescue, scifi feature film The Rare Earth and many moreAll India Radio has released numerous albums along with a bunch of acclaimed collaborations with The Church's Steve Kilbey, writer of 1980's classic Under The Milky Way and father of new Swedish superstars Say Lou Lou.

2016 saw the release of 'The Slow Light' All India Radio’s tenth studio album, and their return to the Minty Fresh label. The album features Selena Cross who sang on fan favorite track “Four Three” from the 2006 album Echo Other. The album also features the vocal debut of Martin Kennedy’s twelve year old daughter Hollie Houlihan-McKie on the track “Galaxy of Light”.

The Slow Light features artwork by 1960s visionary artist Victor Atkins (who won the 1969 Society of Illustrators Illustrator Award for his striking ‘Miles in The Sky’ Miles Davis LP cover). This is the first LP cover Atkins has produced since the 1970s..

"The Slow Light may be just All India Radio at its finest" - John Garrett, Popmatters

"A tumbling spell of dreamlike evocations and cinematic glimpses .... These are the most sublime, mindful stupors I believe I’ve ever been in." - Stereoembers

"If David Gilmour recorded an instrumental album, it might sound as good as Echoes CD of the Month: All India Radio's The Slow Light." - John Diliberto, Echoes

"Ethereal, spacey...absolutely cinematic in scope" - Sarah Zupko, popmatters
"It’s dreamy, it’s hypnotic...I just know that I’ve gotta clean the house and The Slow Light will be on the cd player." -  Daggerzine
"All India Radio has once again crafted a master(mood)piece.. blended the soporific drop of down-tempo trip-hop with the drift of dreamgaze reveries and the shadowside of Western American noir"  - Jen Dan, Northern Transmissions
"I was blown away; it's wonderful to hear that there is still some beautiful chilltronica being made. Thanks for the stunning music, and expect The Slow Light to enter our regular chill rotation very soon" - Tone, 88.9 FM Hills Radio
"Cannot stop listening to ‘The Slow Light,’ is a lush, luxurious flow of moody and memorable music, and you will like how you feel when you hear it. Highly recommended." - Dave DiMartino, Music Aficionado

"Kennedy’s ability to craft lush sonic sound beds (“Blueshift”), down-tempo electronica (“Dark Star”) and melodic trip-hop (“Redshift”) place him miles ahead of post-rock stalwarts Mogwai and even Radiohead.. This is a no-brainer for fans of contemplative music with an underlying edge." Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5 - Jon Dawson, Kingston Free Press.

"When are they going to figure out how to put this music in pill form? Prepare to be serenely exhilarated" - Dave Cantrell. Stereo Embers
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