All India Radio Acoustic Sessions: Evening Star

Here is the next song in the All India Radio acoustic sessions! Evening Star is from our 2003 self titled album and featured in One Tree Hill.

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All India Radio Soundtrack For New Sci-fi Film!

I'm very proud to present the soundtrack album to forthcoming science fiction film The Rare Earth with music by All India Radio and from my project with Steve Kilbey (The Church). The album features new music, deconstructed tracks and select previous album tracks.

The Rare Earth stars Tropfest New York 'Best Actress' winner Eliza D'Souza and will debut at Cannes and Cinéma Fantastique in France in 2015. Directed by Aaron Stevenson. A Fatal Impact Production.

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Press Release:

Music from the forthcoming post-apocalypse film The Rare Earth starring Tropfest New York 'Best Actress' winner Eliza D'Souza. Soundtrack by Martin Kennedy of Australian ambientgaze outfit All India Radio as well as music from his acclaimed collaboration with Steve Kilbey, front man of The Church and writer of the classic 'Under The Milky Way'

The Rare Earth
In 1969 Mungo Lady was found.
In 1974 Mungo Man was found.
Both skeletons were discovered at Lake Mungo in Australia. They are the worlds oldest cremations and are around 50 000 years old. Their mitochondrial DNA is unique and may not be shared by today’s population. Their existence brings into question the generally upheld ‘Out of Africa’ theory of evolution. In 2039 a New Skeleton is found and is also near 50 000 years old, this one however has a small metallic hinge in its knee…

All India Radio
"Since the turn of the 21st century, All India Radio has mashed the ambient-hop signatures of DJ Shadow, Tortoise and Thievery Corporation with the instantly recognizable guitar soundtracking of Ennio Morricone and Angelo Badalamenti. The resulting narcotic musical textures are capable of floating listeners to galaxies far, far away." -

Steve Kilbey and Martin Kennedy
4 STARS MOJO Magazine August 2014 issue: "Sumptuous meeting of Australian soundscaper and the head Churchman...Apart from having a voice of characterful cool poise and an imaginative lyrical lexicon, Kilbey can make a strong melodic song out of simple elements."

Brisbane Courier Mail Album Of The Week "Pink Floyd's Meddle and Brian Eno's Another Green World are some of the signposts that could lead here. Yet one of the reasons we are still interested after all these years is that a Kilbey record, in this case a Kilbey/Kennedy record, sounds just like that rather than anyone else."


Recording All India Radio In 2002

Here are a bunch of old photos from the recording sessions for our self titled album, April 2002. Guesting on the album was Augie March's Kiernan Box and his fantastic sounding old Hammond organ. Unusually it was a very relaxed recording experience and I think it shows on the album which you can stream on Spotify or download from iTunes

Everything Old Is New Again

I'm not sure what it says about me as a musician but lately I've been reacquiring all the old gear I used many years ago but sold or wrecked or lost interest in over the years since. Trying to recapture the past? Yes! Everything old is always new again. Anyway, I used this old drum machine on the first All India Radio album back in the 1990s. The Boss DR-55 dates back to 1980 and was used to great effect by New Order on their album Movement.

Free Live Album Out Now!

Throughout the band's various incarnations over nearly fifteen years, we've incredibly only had one officially live recording. It was a live-to-air recording for Triple R in front of a live audience in November 2011. We were previewing tracks from our then yet to be released new album Red Shadow landing. Luckily it caught us on a good night and was perhaps the best show of this incarnation of the band.

You can download the recording of that night here for free

Photos by Paul 'Freddie' Martin