I'm very happy to release a new EP Eyes Ahead featuring 'Eyes Ahead Don't Turn Around' by Don Meers & All India Radio taken from the soundtrack of acclaimed UFO documentary Australien Skies. The track originally appeared on Don Meers album Splint and has been out of circulation for years. The EP includes the early version that inspired the remixes plus a new instrumental remix of the Kilbey Kennedy version 'Eyes Ahead' which appeared on 'Unseen Music Unheard Words.'




Earlier this year I released an ambient album called The Haunted World exclusively to my Bandcamp subscribers. I am now making it available to everyone digitally and in a limited CD run of 100. 

Order The Haunted World limited CD & digital here

I began recording The Haunted World back in 2013 while working on my albums with Steve Kilbey You are Everything through to Inside We Are The Same and finally completed it during All India Radio The Slow Light sessions. Inevitably the album has echoes of all these releases. 

The Haunted World is only All India Radio's second entirely beatless ambient album (the first was 2008's These Winter Dreams). 

I hope you enjoy it!

All India Radio, The TVD First Date & Vinyl Giveaway 

Win a copy of The Slow Light from the Vinyl District. Enter to win the vinyl version of the release by clicking through to the article (link below) and in the comments section "cite an example of your own paradoxical musical tastes via your personal record collection. We’ll choose one quixotic winner with a North American mailing address a week from today, June 22, 2016"

Click here to read the full article and enter the competition

"My first experience with records was rather schizophrenic. The music I first remember hearing that actually stayed with me was the Sound of Music soundtrack and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. You couldn’t get two more diametrically opposed albums if you tried.” 

“I remember sneaking into my older brother’s room while he was out and playing Dark Side of the Moon (he had his own record player) and gazing in wonder at the mysterious cover art and the pyramid poster on the wall. The music had the same effect on me: mysterious, strange, compelling." Full article

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