Everything Old Is New Again

I'm not sure what it says about me as a musician but lately I've been reacquiring all the old gear I used many years ago but sold or wrecked or lost interest in over the years since. Trying to recapture the past? Yes! Everything old is always new again. Anyway, I used this old drum machine on the first All India Radio album back in the 1990s. The Boss DR-55 dates back to 1980 and was used to great effect by New Order on their album Movement.

Free Live Album Out Now!

Throughout the band's various incarnations over nearly fifteen years, we've incredibly only had one officially live recording. It was a live-to-air recording for Triple R in front of a live audience in November 2011. We were previewing tracks from our then yet to be released new album Red Shadow landing. Luckily it caught us on a good night and was perhaps the best show of this incarnation of the band.

You can download the recording of that night here for free

Photos by Paul 'Freddie' Martin

Free Download of New Live Album!

We've just released our first live album, recorded in front of an audience for Australian radio station Triple R's Thursday live-to-air sessions in 2011. This was the first time we had performed most of these songs live and was perhaps the best show of this period of the band.

Click here to download Live at Triple R for free

Download and enjoy!

All India Radio News June 27 2014

It's been a busy few months in All India Radio HQ. Thank you to everyone who sent a few dollars our way in the May free downloads offer. Greatly appreciated.

There are so many exciting things on the horizon including high resolution releases of select earlier albums for all the audiophiles out there, our first (and probably only) live album and most importantly, drum roll... the next studio album. Look out for it early 2015. It's going to be EPIC!

In the meantime...

Free Stuff!

Red Shadow Landing (Demo Versions) is available now as a free download on bandcamp. Red Shadow Landing was our most planned album and as a result the demos and early tracks weren't half bad! I'm very pleased to be able to share them with you.

Download Red Shadow Landing (Demo Versions)

The Silent Surf On Pandora

It always feels like a huge event when we get an album onto Pandora not only because it's the biggest internet radio gig in the world but also because it's so hard to get onto it. Therefore it is worth celebrating the submission of our album The Silent Surf (only 3 years after its release but hey) into the wonderful world of Pandora! You can hear it here