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"Chilltronic outfit All India Radio give us more free rarities.

Well, they’ve done it again. Australia’s All India Radio has released another free album of remixes and unreleased tracks from their Bandcamp account. It’s called Ghost Songs: Remixed & Unreleased Tracks Vol. 3. and it’s packed with 16 songs spanning 69 minutes. Where are the first two volumes, you ask? Well, here’s the first one and here’s the second one.

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Just when you thought we couldn't possibly release any more material comes our latest FREE album!

Ghost Songs: Remixes & Unreleased Tracks Vol 3

It's completely free to download from bandcamp. Pay only if you want.

Ghost Songs is the third collection of unreleased songs and remixes, the others being Once a Day and Free Me both of which have been spruced up with new artwork to match the new one and are also free to download from bandcamp. Ghost Songs concentrates on material spanning 2009 to 2014, but also includes a few ancient relics for your enjoyment.

Download and enjoy!